Kaj and I stayed in Yellowstone National Park for three days on our U.S.A. 2000 tour, as it was impossible to break away. Of all the places we visited, Yellowstone was the absolutely best.

See the snapshots on this page...

The landscape is very hilly and extremely varied. From high mountains to deep canyons. From thick forest to open prairie.

The only thing missing in this view, was John Wayne riding into the picture from the left... :-)

We could sit down for hours - just watching the wild life on the prairie.

Especially the big bison's was interesting to watch.


Talking about wild life: Be cautious when hiking in the forests. You might run into a bear or two. We saw a black bear and a grizzly on the same day.

Thermal areas with "mud volcanoes" and sulphurous lakes appears all over.

Stay on the marked paths in those areas. The crust of the ground might be to thin to bear your weight and break down under your feet.

We were spending almost half a day in the pool areas, enjoying all the different colors of the lakes and streams.

No! The pictures are not manipulated. Yellowstone really looks like this... :-)

In Mammoth Hot Springs thousands of tiny little waterfalls are creating limestone terraces in all sorts of shapes and colors.

We followed Yellowstone River through "the land of the yellow stone"...

...and saw the beautiful waterfalls. In average 8.508.550 liters of water drops the 93 meters on Lower Fall every minute.

Our Yellowstone tour ended on the most famous attraction in the park...

Old Faithful Geyser erupts every 80 minutes in average and it pumps about 25.000 liters of boiling water 40 - 50 meters over the ground level. The exact eruption times are listed in the visitor center in Old Faithful Inn.

We saw the eruption twice and were leaving. Well, three days isnít enough. Next time we will exchange our wheels for a backpack and spend at least a week... :-)


The only bad thing to mention about Yellowstone is the extreme charges for lodging inside the park. We stayed at Yellowstone River Motel in Gardiner, Montana right outside The North Gate and saved a lot of money. You should too... :-)

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