About one week after my girlfriend, Kaj, passed her drivers license test, we packed our gear and started a 7500 km long tour to North Cape and Lofoten in Norway (the yellow line on the map).

Kaj was riding a Suzuki GN125 (a real speed killer) and I was riding a Triumph Thunderbird 900. But we made it on just 14 days! :-)

See the snapshots on this page...

We made a quick pit stop at a king size candy store after just about one hour in the saddle. Take a brake yourself if you ever see the "Lösgodis" sign (the little picture). Your dentist will love it. :-)

Loaded with candy we went up to Kaj's parents cottage in Stallarp.

We stayed at Jonsgaarden in Idre for a few days. Jonsgaarden is a cozy old low-priced self-service hotel and it's great for groups up to 50 persons. Call +45 5945 1544 for booking.

Idre is one of Sweden's greatest ski resorts. In the summer...

... you can go hiking and rafting. There is some quite good fishing spots as well.

There are small cabins for rent all over Sweden and Norway. They can be booked at the local tourist information (you will find one in almost every town) and at the camping sites. The prices are fair - from about kr. 150 for a good 2-4 bed cabin with heating and kitchenette.

After Trondheim in Norway it started raining like hell. In fact the weather was much better in Hell...

A stamp in my passport.

We passed the Arctic Circle in very heavy rain, but our waterproof clothes worked. All the rain that saturated my leggings stayed inside and Kaj poured only about half a liter of water out of her boots. :-)

From Troms and up the weather was getting better and better...

...and at Magerøya (North Cape island) it was sunny and almost unclouded.

We camped at the camping site in Honningsvåg. Cabins was available - at kr. 450 a day - ouch! I'm glad we had our tent.

We entered the North Cape Center and enjoyed the midnight sun. The center is beautifully located on a rock 307 meters above sea level. Of course there is a lot of crappy tourist shops in there, but there is a quite good restaurant as well and the best: a five screen cinema! They are only presenting one film: The four seasons on North Cape. In return

you are surrounded by the screens, why it gives you the illusion of being a part of the film. Nice!

BTW: The northernmost point of Europe is Kniv- skjellodden a little north west from the North Cape Center. A well marked hiking path starts on the left side of the road right before the center. If you have the time - go there...


Tip: Join The Royal North Cape Club if you are planning to visit The North Cape Center more than once. The one time fee gives free access to the center for life.


Kirkeporten a few kilometers from North Cape is "a must" as well!

On our way home we turned right after Troms and entered the group of islands called Lofoten.

Lofoten is really something special. The daylight are extremely clear and the nature are magnificent.

From time to time we where passing small fishing villages.

When the cod fishing ends in April, many of the fishermen's cottages are turned into small hotels and chalets. They are quite expensive but extremely cozy. Try it!

We spended the last days of our trip in a nice chalet in Å - the southernmost town of Lofoten. Even though there was a lot of seagulls around, there was no stains on the bikes... :-)

Hej Kaj, Jeg elsker dig!

We bought fish directly on the port and where eating in the open enjoying the view (the pictures below).

Bye bye!

We left Lofoten and looked forward to more than 1000 km of heavy rain on our way home... :-(

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