To celebrate my 40-year birthday, my girlfriend and I went to California in the United States. We rented a Harley and started a 15-day tour through the south of California and the Baja in Mexico (the yellow line on the map).

We returned to California through the northwest part of the mainland of Mexico and a bit of Arizona.

See the snapshots on this page...

Our tour started in San Francisco. We visited Chinatown, Fisherman's Warf a lot of malls and of course the Golden Gate.

We had a HUGE breakfast in a cafe on Fisherman's Warf and met some of "the natives". Yes, it is true - everything is bigger in America. :-)

After quite a few rainy days in San Francisco, we picked up our hog at Dudley Perkins on a beautiful day. Dudley Perkins is one of the oldest motorcycle shops in the world.

We were hitting the road and went strait south - to the Baja...

In 1973 a paved road was opened from Tijuana in the north to Cabo San Lucas in the south. More than 1700 km through the desert. Then some motels was build along the road and small villages began to grow up around them.

If there is a village, there is a taco bar as well and all the served stuff are really tasty, but look out! The Mexican food is hot... :-)

The distances on the Baja are enormous... see? :-)

After quite a few kilometers of totally dried-up desert we passed a lot of nice oases with cactus and palm groves. Especially the cactus groves required a few pictures...

The southernmost point of our tour (and of the Baja) was the city Cabo San Lucas. We stayed at the very cozy Hotel Los Milagros (the little picture) for some days and enjoyed the sun, the beautiful beaches (the picture below) and of course the hot Mexican food.

We left the Baja sailing from La Paz to the mainland of Mexico, but we will be back - for sure...

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